Unión MicroFinanza has a new name: Aldea Development. Read more on our blog about our name change and what it means!

Our mission is to improve the economic capacities of impoverished rural communities by developing and applying the most advanced procedures and technology in microfinance.

There are many who believe that it's impossible to provide effective microfinance in rural communities.

Since over 50% of the world’s poor live in rural areas, we find it disheartening that many development organizations would choose to ignore such an overwhelming segment of the world’s impoverished population.

Through an innovative model tailored specifically to the 32 mountain aldeas (villages) of La Unión, Lempira, Honduras, we are achieving unparalleled success.

Based on our five pillars of microfinance, agricultural training, research, market access, and community reinvestment, we are doing something brand new—changing the way economic development, business, and poverty alleviation is done. Further, we are changing the way that people like you can relate and be a part of the fight against poverty.

We're a true part of the community that we work in.

Our staff lives there year round. Through the time that we have spent, cultural differences have become habits, and strangers have become friends and neighbors.

Together, our organization and the people of the La Unión region are proving the skeptics wrong.