Many villages lack running water and electricity has not yet arrived to many of our client aldeas.

Traditional stoves emit smoke throughout mud-brick homes increasing mortality rates in children and adults, poor sanitation and lack of latrines worsen public health issues, and educational and health facilities are insufficient, among a host of other problems.

Through our research and experience in La Unión, We are able to pinpoint necessities in each village. As we continue learning about the lives of the people we work and live with, it is easier to understand how we can help them improve their villages. It is not only essential that our producers benefit from these projects, but is equally important to ensure the well-being of their family, friends, and neighbors.

In the same way our microfinance program provides resources to give individual producers a leg up, our service projects provide resources for entire communities. Community-wide development is absolutely crucial if La Unión is to rise out of poverty.

The great deficiency in basic needs of these communities is staggering. We need your help. Please consider making a Donation, buying Aldea Coffee, or even making your own relationship with La Unión through a Service Trip!