Aldea Development is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the condition of impoverished rural communities in Honduras through innovation and research.

Our Vision

Aldea Development will encourage rural economic development throughout Honduras by researching innovative strategies for successful rural microfinance. Our clients will not only produce more goods, but better goods, reaching international markets.

Through sufficient scale and training, Hondurans will operate Aldea Development as their own organization and continue to empower their families, friends, and neighbors by allocating resources efficiently and effectively.

Our Goal

Our goal is to advance microfinance and provide a sustainable solution to poverty through:


Microloans provide small farmers the financial capacity to make the most of their land and break the cycle of poverty.

Technical Training

Proper training insures that clients are educated in the newest and most effective ways to utilize their microloans.


Aldea Development is dedicated to researching the best ways to help the communities of La Unión. We also do this so our research may be used to benefit poverty alleviation efforts throughout the world.

Market Access

Aldea Development actively helps its clients find better markets for their products. The prospect of a better price provides the farmers with motivation to keep improving the quality of their product. We do this with Aldea Coffee.

Reinvesting in the Community

Only through both individual and community-wide development will big change happen. This is why Aldea Development reinvests in the communities through public service projects.